Here at last!

After 17 years it has finally arrived!

(and thank you to all who have made this possible!)
Yes they have arrived but PLEASE note the following
The sculpture is in place and closely covered whilst work continues to complete the task. Hector and volunteers are working to make sure all is well before the covers come off.
It is unfortunate that due to the current restrictions and with advice from the Scottish Government we are not able to have the ‘Grand Opening’ which had always been our plan. However we will be using technology to provide a live stream of the Big Reveal.
After Saturday of course the sculpture will be available for all to see but we would ask that everyone continues to abide by the rules – no large gatherings, ensure social distancing and when necessary wear a mask.
Thank you all for your support, your donations and your encouragement – without which we would not be where we are today. I look forward to the day when we can all meet again and celebrate this magnificent achievement
Morag Nicolson
Collie and Mackenzie Heritage Group